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Design process

Moodboard: Korea Inspired
The colors and lines of the bags are inspired by Korean traditional costumes, called Han-Bok, 한복, which is characterized by vibrant colors and simple lines. The double Y design is inspired by the lines  from the Korean flag, which has significant meaning it means harmony and balance.  The design is simple and clean, but timeless.   

Sketching is a fundamental part of the design process. KACYYOM design process begins here because this is one of the first steps visualizing a particular user experience and illustrating functionality. Researching and sketching comes in hand in hand. The initial ideas start building up through research process.  

Mockup in-house: Designs turn into full size models using paper and colored materials initially in-house. It's a quick and easy way to evaluate the size, shape, and functionality.  Several iterations take place and possibly even going back to the drawing board. This is a learning and testing process.