Born in South Korea and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and having traveled to many parts of the world, Kacy Yom grew up with a global perspective and an early introduction to beautiful handbags. She watched her mother’s totes and clutches age beautifully over time, the leather gaining patina and softness each year. Falling in love with their quality and craftsmanship, Kacy began her own collection, eventually leading to a boutique handbag shop, Arm Candy, in Seattle’s historic Ballard neighborhood.

At Arm Candy, Kacy sourced bags by emerging luxury designers from New York, London, Spain, and Italy. The success of the store and keen eye for detail ignited another passion: a desire to design her own handbag line. She wanted to craft a handbag that women could be proud carrying everywhere, whether to a high-profile client meeting or running errands around town—a handbag that was versatile and classic, elegant yet sturdy in its structure, and designed with style and quality.

As Kacy searched for a leather that aged beautifully, like her mother’s beloved bags, leading her to partner with a family-owned handbag factory in Tuscany, where all KACYYOM handbags are assembled by Italian artisans.

Kacy followed her heart. She trusted her inner voice—which is why her debut collection is called Soh-Lee, meaning “sound or voice” in Korean.