Go behind the scenes of our next campaign with the KACYYOM creative team.

From the TEAM

"We wanted to use soft-glowing light and timeless textures to accentuate the pop colors and angles of the handbags. The overall feeling needed to be calming, soft, and bit poetic, but without losing its quirkiness. Some might say 'unexpected charm.’”

"With the sharp gusset details of KACYYOM handbags, I immediately thought of fan and ridges. My off-white ridged vase and an Italian portable book/light that I've held onto for years worked well together. I also wanted to incorporate organic and natural materials to give a bit of zen feel like the wood branches, driftwood, and felt wool balls."

— Styling & Art Direction : Suk Chai

"It was a pleasure to see the bags recontextualized as art objects and take on presence with various complimenting and contrasting forms: organic, structured, a body, a vase.”

— Photography : Jessa Carter

“There was so much talent in one room that you could feel raw, creative energy develop into an effortless dance.”

— Digital Media : Crystal Southcote