THE STYLE MOMENTS OF 2018 // JAN 02, 2019

“A mesh of stylistic ideologies are inevitable when new people are forced to coexist together and what we found beautiful was an openness to explore more progressive stylistic choices.”

By Rosin Saez 12/31/2018 at 12:00pm

We’re taking time to reflect about the year in Seattle style. What we liked, what didn’t like so much, and where we’re going in the new year. And what better way to ruminate on such a thing than to ask the style insiders—from stylists to shopkeepers to sartorial badasses—what they thought about 2018?

What did you see happening in the city? (Good or bad, big or small.)

I see so many exciting changes coming to the Seattle fashion scene in 2019. We’re finally starting to see the benefits of merging fashion and technology to make better products, and we’re also seeing cool and innovative fashion brands emerging from the Pacific Northwest and expanding globally. KACYYOM is now available in London and I think we’ll continue to see Seattle designers grow their presence in the UK. The Seattle fashion exhibit at MOHAI will also way to unite generations of fashion fans in the city. —Sydney Mintle, Gossip and Glamour. Read more